Vocational Development

Our Vocational Development Program provides vocational training, rehabilitation, and placement services to physically, emotionally, and mentally disabled persons in order that experience may be gained in various work situations in an effort to achieve a greater degree of independent functioning and subsequent attainment of further training or suitable employment.

Admission Criteria for Vocational Development Program:
  • Sixteen years or older and age appropriate as determined by the individual’s Interdisciplinary Team.
  • Must produce at least 25% of the industrial norm.
  • Able to participate in the program full-time.
  • Must have a long term vocational objective, sheltered or competitive employment
  • Recommended for VDP by Consumers IDT

Services provided by this program are:

  • Vocational evaluation and training
  • Medical and Dental consultation
  • Vision and hearing screenings
  • Job Club Activities
  • Referral and follow-up
  • Residential
  • Case management
  • Job Placement and follow-up
  • Transportation
  • Drivers Education Classes
  • Life Skills Classes