Creative Transitions

Creative Transitions Program   

We want you to have a clear understanding of post-secondary options to make informed decisions to expand your life choices.  We will work with you and your family, teachers and all support staff to help you develop short and longterm goals for your future.  Our goal is to help you learn skills to be proud in the life choices you make.     

Program Admission Criteria 

~Have an Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability as Documented by an Educational System. 

~Current or Past Participation in Special Education Services  

~Reside in One of the Nine Counties Served (counties are listed below) 

~Between 14-30 Years of Age 

~Will Benefit from Transition Services in Terms of Employment/Educational Outcomes   

Creative Transitions Program Information 

Creative Transitions has been developed from a grant that is funded by the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities.  This program is operated through the CTS office located in Harrisburg, IL.  The program assists individuals who live in the counties of Edwards, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Pope, Saline, Wabash, Wayne, and White counties in Southern IL who are served by Wabash Ohio Valley Special Education District (WOVSED).  The mission of this program is to provide transition supports to assist individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities and their families understand options to help them make informed decisions about their life during and after high school.  Each individuals service will look different in some ways because they will be based on individual needs, desires and choices.   

 Services Provided  

Whole life, Person Centered Approach to development of a Personal Plan of Services (to help you map out what you would like to see your future look like) 

Self Determination Trainingto help you learn attitudes and abilities that lead you to set goals for yourself and to take the actions to reach these goals 

Person Centered Planning Training: a process to help you plan your future with a focus on you, your strengths and your vision of what you would like your future to look like 

Self-Advocacy Training: training to help you learn the ability to understand and talk about your needs and make informed decisions about the supports you need to meet those needs  

Education of Financial Benefits: learning about how work would affect your current benefits such as Supplemental Security Income 

Transportation Education and Coordination: learning how to access public transportation to get where you need to go  

Education and Opportunities to Learn Post-Secondary Training Options: learn about area colleges and programs they have, to help support your needs 

Community Opportunities to Increase Employment Options: opportunities to volunteer and/or work in places to help you understand what job you would like to work in 

Advocacy for IEP Processes: an employment specialist will attend your IEP meeting to help you express your wants and needs 

Group Training Sessions: monthly training on areas to help you make decisions and increase your life options 

Referrals and Coordination of IL State Services: helps to link you to state providers who can provide support for your future   

 How the Program Works 

Creative Transitions begins with a referral from Wabash Ohio Valley Special Education District (WOVSED), Southern Illinois Case Coordination Services (SICCS) or another service provider who works with you.  After we receive the referral, we will start services within 10 days.  We start by gathering information and getting to know you and your family.  This will include review of school records, observations, and interviews with you, and your family as well as teachers, job coaches, personal aides and/or transition coordinators.  We will continue to work with you for one year.   

 We will develop a Personal Plan of Services within 30 days of admission to the program.  We will share this plan with those who are helping you plan your future after school.   This plan will describe how the program can help you and is based on your unique skills, abilities, limitations and preferences.  The plan will explain your strengths, preferences, needs, supports, barriers, risk factors/safety, relationships/social skills, financial literacy, transportation, current and secondary training/education, career and income, soft skills, health and well-being, communication, assistive technology and choice/decision making.  Assistance with any referrals that you need, or desire are completed at this time.  Your future transition goals are listed in the plan.  We will review this at six months to make any changes you feel are needed.     

Monthly Meetings 

At least one time per month the employment specialist will meet with you and/or your family to work on areas addressed in your Personal Plan of Services.    

Group Meetings  

We will have monthly trainings for you and your family that you can attend to learn about topics such Self-Determination, Rights, Financial Literacy, Person Centered Processes, Transportation Access, and Community Resources.  They will be recorded and once they are approved by the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities, they will be posted on our agency website so you can watch them if you cannot attend.  

System Changes  

We will be working with individuals in the school system to help them learn skills to improve services provided to individuals with disabilities.  We will be developing a resource guide to use with future students as well.   

Closure and Follow Up 

CTS will close the case from the Creative Transition services at one year.  At this time, we will assist you with transfers to other programs to provide vocational support if you wish for us to do so.  Upon case closure, we will follow up with you to see how you are doing.  We will also send you a satisfaction survey.  We will use the information you give to improve our services.   


This product was developed under an investment from the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities.